Evening all its been a while since the blog section has been updated so thought I would add something here. August a pretty steady month for us overall. We always find the first few weeks of a new season to be a bit challenging as there is no form to go off and the stats are not always solid enough. We normally find after a few weeks that our success rate starts to improve as we get more and more data to work from. Thankfully for us we got through the month with decent profit most days and we are personally very happy overall.

The first week of September we have an international break which at time can be a bit of a pain. The last two days we have not had any tips as we will not risk our money on friendlies or lower league teams that have sketchy data but from tonight things start to look good again.

In the last four years we always seem to see a pattern emerge. August is normally always touch and go but as soon as September arrives this is where we will normally start to be a lot more consistent and the profits start flying in. We are confident that this season will be no different and fully expect a good September.

We have been around for over four years now and are one of the longest running tipping services on twitter. Many services seem to start up over night and disappear just as fast yet we still keep going. For a service like this to be able to continue operating at this level it simply requires you to be successful and in my opinion be genuine. Some services are able to gain members by being misleading and not being totally honest about what they earn. Because of this it can at times be harder for us to attract new members but we do find that the people that do try out our service tend to stay with us for a long time.

If you are interested in trying us out then click the join us tab below to be directed to that page. You will not be disappointed.

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