Afternoon guys, this update is being sent out to all members both old and new and it is regarding email alerts going forward.

When someone joins the site they will automatically be added to our main email list so they can receive our tips every day and when that person cancels their membership their email should automatically be removed once their account has expired. The software that we use to do this however has not been doing its job properly which means that there are a very large number of people that have been receiving our emails when they do not even pay for the service. I have finally got around to cleaning the list and if you suddenly stop receiving our emails from tomorrow then it is because you have not paid for the service in months. Some have been receiving the emails over two years without making any payment which is quite staggering to be honest.

Now I do not have any issue with anyone over this as it is just one of those things I should have been on top of and to be honest I would have done the same myself as well. Going forward though if you want to carry on using the service you will need to re join via the link below. I do not rely on the website for income as you can see however I do think fair is fair especially when some of the non payers are emailing me for advice on a regular basis.

If you are paying for the service but have been removed by mistake then please reply and I can get you added straight back in.

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