When we started with Elite Football Tips I honestly did not expect to still be going strong nearly five years later. What started out as a bit of fun in the first few months has turned into a full time job and I can honestly say I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

Twitter was always our main platform to try and generate interest. In the beginning we were flat out tweeting all day every day. We are not as active on twitter these days but that does not mean we are not still around. Over the years we have had many members join our service. Some have left but many end up staying long term as they know they have found a service that is very trustworthy and that always does its very best to makes its members a consistent long term profit.

It may seem easy to run a site like this but the simple fact is that if your selections are no good then no one will stay. I see many new services starting every week and most give up just as soon as they have started so to be entering our fifth consecutive season is something to be proud of.

Some people have been asking what happens over the Summer. This year in particular is not great because we do not have any international tournaments to bet on. There are a few leagues that we bet on that can keep us going over the Summer. The Swedish and Norwegian are two of our favourite leagues as we find the results to be very consistent and we normally have a very good strike rate here. There are a few others that we use sporadically as well and we find that this is enough to keep us earning for the next two months until the main season starts. I know a lot of people prefer to just stick to the main European Countries and may want to wait it out but if your serious about making money from betting then the Summer Leagues are more than adequate.

That is all for today guys. I will make a point to update the blog much sooner. If you are looking to join us then click the link below for options. Any questions you can email eliteleaguetips@gmail.com.

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